Changing the world one crop at a time

Sustainable Farming for a Sustainable Future

Changing the world one crop at a time

Sustainable Farming for a Sustainable Future

Fertilizers, Pesticides, Chemicals, Antibiotics, and Hormones.


Uses 85% less water compared to traditional agriculture.


agrimatic crops grow 250% faster relative to regular farming.


agrimatic produces 7-10 times more than traditional agriculture per cultivated area.

agrimatic is leading the pursuit for sustainable and innovative soilless farming


Through continuously advancing and optimizing our integrated systems, we are revolutionizing and standardizing agriculture while producing more affordable and higher-quality vegetables and fruits, anytime, anywhere.


We endeavor  to build a research and development hub that attracts the best minds and talents and provides the nurturing environment to create cutting-edge technology that expands the frontiers of the agriculture industry.

agrimatic mimics nature for the best growing environment.


agrimatic harvests its’ crops continuously all-year-round.


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agrimatic can grow food on almost any terrain imaginable.


agrimatic is constantly developing its systems to become increasingly automated.


With a rapidly expanding global population, limited fertile land, water scarcity and slow agricultural development, there is a dire need for alternative sources for food security. Another growing concern is the quality of fresh produce, as the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has been increasingly widespread.

Since our inception, we have embarked on the mission to resolve these issues by tailoring unique system designs based on a solid scientific foundation. Through research, experimentation and creative engineering designs our Research and Development team provide and optimize innovative integrated solutions capable of converting any terrain into a highly efficient and productive agricultural “factory”. All while utilizing minimal amounts of our world’s precious non-renewable natural resources.

agrimatic has committed itself to constantly strive to further develop and optimize our home-grown soil-less technology, to provide a secure and stable supply of high-quality, affordable food. With such a technology, we aspire to be the leaders in advanced soil-less and agriculture technologies, and further develop and utilize them to become the largest commercial producer.

We hope that by becoming industry leaders, we encourage others to adopt the same practices, and hence move mankind one step further towards improving their standards of living.


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Aquaponics is a developed technique of soilless agriculture. The method uses a “clean and green” method of growing fish and plants together in a closed system that mimics nature, where plants get their nutrition from the treated waste of the fish.
Our systems achieve a high level of control over the plant environment, achieving superior growth rates, productivity, sustainability, and quality.



One of the most rewarding benefits of our soilless system designs, is that we are able to provide the cleanest products available in the market at prices the average consumer can afford. agrimatic delivers both economical and nutritional value  through its wide portfolio of vegetables and fruits.


Fertile arable land is in short supply, and should be used wisely. agrimatic’s unique “plug-n-play” system design not only allows the full flexibility of relocation but also makes good use of other abundant and traditionally unutilized land, relieving some of the pressure on scarce farmland. 


agrimatic is able to combat many of the root causes of food scarcity not just in Egypt and the MENA region, but also the world. Our innovative systems work at the forefront of sustainable development, overcoming the scarcity of arable land and clean water, population growth, urbanization, and declining quality.

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Research and Development is one of agrimatic’s core pillars and therefore we strive to find and develop unique and innovative calibers in all respective specializations. We have dedicated ourselves to continuously develop the agricultural sector to restore its lead in the global arena, in terms of both product and research.


The beauty of agriculture is its foundational role in any economy, and with naturally increasing demand. agrimatic’s cost efficient and highly productive system designs provide the essential recipe for global expansion. Our know-how fills in the necessary gaps that have been holding back the overdue expansion of soilless farming.


We aim to be champions and a pillar of service to society, and have collected the dedicated talent pool who share the same wish to execute our vision. Our members are comprised of a wide and diverse scope of professions, specializations, and backgrounds, allowing us to continually innovate and advance in the field to reach new frontiers. Our promise is to maintain excellence in all our practices, as excellence is what our society needs and deserves.


Are you a potential client? Investor? Agrimatic citizen? Volunteer? You can build agrimatic your own way.

You are a Client

We provide clients a source of alternative investment through the opportunity of owning their own farm. With attractively high rates of return on investment and the clear knowledge of where your money is going, our offer is scarce to find in today’s market.

Possessing your own land or a background in farming is not a requirement. All you need is the will and desire to become involved in developing the future of agriculture. We provide the rest. 


You are a future agrimatic citizen

Looking for a career with agrimatic? We are always looking to grow our team. The road to the future is built with the right passion, mindset, and background; experience is only secondary. Apply today for agrimatic citizenship.

You are a Volunteer

We believe in educating people in soilless agriculture, and there is no better way than firsthand experience.  We extend an open invitation to anyone who wishes to take part and learn. Contact us to know more.